Spinning with POSSIBILITIES!

 Inspiration doesn't favor those who sit still

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One week in. Into WHAT, you ask? Why, #etmooc, of course! Officially, this amazing “connectivist” MOOC, (massive open online course), hasn’t even REALLY begun – it’s been an “orientation” week, of sorts. Gosh. Topic One doesn’t even begin until MONDAY! Man. If it HASN’T already begun … I can’t WAIT to see what the “official” topics and discussions unveil! ALREADY my head is SPINNING. It’s a GREAT spinning … but SPINNING nonetheless!

So far, I’ve had the opportunity to experience a Blackboard Collaborative “Welcome and General Orientation”, an #etmooc chat (#etmchat), and ALMOST an HOUR long session with the amazing Sue Waters while she shared her extensive knowledge on BLOGGING! I say “almost” because something came up at school and I didn’t quite make it to the session! RATS! As if THIS wasn’t already inspiring enough … the Google+ community has become a tsunami of sharing, collaboration and support. Everyday, through people’s inspiring posts, I bookmark SEVERAL more tools I want to explore. I don’t know if it’s POSSIBLE, but I WORRY that Google Chrome is going to tell me I have EXCEEDED the CLOUD for BOOKMARK storage!

Being a LERD, I am just SO excited by the possibilities. I ALSO love that SO many of the amazing people I learn with and from through my TWITTER PLN are involved in this #etmooc. It is, on MANY levels, like many of us experience when we first begin our twitter journeys. A LOT like drinking from a “fire hose”. Learning to “filter” and focus on where you are at and what you need at this moment in time is the only way to keep your head ABOVE water … and to NOT become overwhelmed or, worse, give up.

This weekend, I can’t WAIT to explore the first of MANY tools I have already been exposed to through the Google+ community. FIRST up on my list is to play with a tool that Dennis Richards used to share his #etmooc introduction: xtranormal Talk about inspiring AND entertaining!

Poster: Passion

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That, and INTENTIONALLY leaving comments on people’s blogs to more actively express my appreciation for the learning! I feel SO blessed that @Courosa, while on sabbatical, has offered SUCH an amazing learning opportunity to the world, along with his incredible “conspirators“! If you haven’t already joined this amazing journey … what are you WAITING for?



14 thoughts on “Spinning with POSSIBILITIES!

  1. Laurie! I’m so excited your taking #etmooc and that we can share our experiences together. Like you, I’ve enjoyed discovering others in my PLN are participating and I’ve been thrilled (and overwhelmed) by how many new resources and ideas are already filling up my head! I’m looking forward to more sharing as we complete the MOOC.

    • Hi Maggie!

      I saw that you were a part of this exciting journey the other day … and was SO excited! I can’t BELIEVE how many people from our amazing twitter PLN are involved! You’re right – my head is SPINNING with all the stuff I want to explore and try out! Ugh. Now … it’s trying to filter and prioritize … and that’s HARD because there’s SO much being shared that is SO valuable! What an AMAZING opportunity for us all! I am SO glad that you will be a part of this … and I’m excited to continue my learning and sharing with you, Maggie! Thanks SO much for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog – that’s something I want to get better at doing too … leaving comments to express my gratitude for the learning people are sharing. Gosh … I need another SEVERAL hours in a day! See you at #etmooc … SO excited!

      Laurie 🙂

  2. Laurie, your enthusiasm is awesome. You have already generated three posts related to the introductory week. I’d say that you have the bug. Good luck with all the possibilities. Keep a list and keep playing. They will only keep coming faster and more furious. Good luck!

    • Hi Fred!

      Thanks for leaving a comment and I really appreciate the compliment! I am so excited by all the possibilities … now it’s a matter of finding an extra hour or two to play and explore! It’s about setting priorities … and I’m great with that … but each time someone posts to the #etmooc community, my list gets longer and longer! I love the learning and sharing that is happening within this community!

      Laurie 🙂

  3. Hi Laurie.
    I am with you! So much information, so much to read, try, explore, investigate! My eyes are actually sore I have been looking at a screen so much. We are so lucky in this amazing 21st century to have such learning opportunities at our fingertips. My hope is that I can inspire my new group of students this year to be as motivated and excited as I am about those opportunities.
    Thanks for sharing, your enthusiasm is infectious!

    • Hi Mary!

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment! You’re right – there is SO much reading, exploring and investigating to do! This #etmooc is SUCH an amazing opportunity for us all! I agree – I truly hope that the modelling and sharing we do as engaged life long learners is infectious for the students we work with. I know, for me, I’ve always loved the learning process … but … sometimes it takes being in the right space, the right time and the right state of mind. Sometimes an opportunity or an experience comes along and we are just READY for more! It’s funny – I’ve ALWAYS had a professional read “on the go” for as long as I can remember – but – but my learning has REALLY “ramped up” to a whole NEW level since truly embracing twitter and the INCREDIBLE communities within that PLN. I think I’m better read than ever before, I’m more “current” with issues and ideas, and I am TRULY even MORE impassioned about the “possibilities” than ever before! I think I was just “ready” for more! I love this learning journey! I look forward to learning with and from you, Mary!

      Laurie 🙂

    • Hi Sam!

      Thanks for stopping by! You are right – these are TRULY exciting times! Thank you … I LOVE the fireworks being set off by the #etmooc community! It’s just SO inspiring to see the sharing and learning going on. It’s hard to imagine a time when learning WASN’T this global, collaborative, accessible or “igniting”!

      Laurie 🙂

  4. Hi Laurie, thanks for dropping by my blog and for your kind comments about my xtranormal introduction to the #etmooc community on my blog, innovation3. I was familiar with xtranormal but wanted to try to push the usefulness of the tool. Since one important aspect of #etmooc 2013 for me is about trying new things, I decided to use the tool for a dialog. I enjoyed the results and now that you are inspired to try it. I’ll check back to see where your #etmooc journey takes you. If you have questions, feel free to shout out: @dennisar.

    P.S. I also curate at http://www.scoop.it/t/learning-teaching-leading-today

    Regards, Dennis

    • Hi Dennis!

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog! I thoroughly enjoyed your xtranormal introduction and it has inspired me to play with it this weekend! You are right … for me #etmooc is also an opportunity to try new things! I can’t wait to check out your curation … I’m on my way there now! I look forward to learning with and from you. Thank you for being a part of my learning journey and amazing PLN!

      Laurie 🙂

  5. Laurie,
    Good job seeing a need and filling it! You wanted to embed your Animoto, and you figured out how to do it. You won’t be sorry with your Edublogs Pro account, that’s for sure!

    I can relate to all the powerful new learning going on. Congratulations and keep up your passion for innovating and creating. Your students will so benefit from your being the chief learner.


    • Hi Denise!

      Thanks for another awesome comment! You’re right – I am THRILLED with my Edublogs Pro account! I am still “playing” with it, but that’s how I learn! I hated that I was so limited … and there are SO many amazing tools I want to explore … so having the ability to incorporate HTML without uploading to, say, YouTube to do it is FREEING! It is certainly worth it, moving to Edublogs, if you want that freedom!

      I am so inspired by what is happening in our #etmooc community – such powerful learning. Gosh … my “explore” list keeps getting longer and longer. My only wish … more hours in the day! I share my learning with my students every day … it’s SO important for them to see us as passionate life long learners. I love that … I think of myself as a lead learner … LOVE your “chief learner” title too!

      Laurie 🙂

  6. Thanks for the post. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I’ve been in quite a few cMOOCs and this one has been the most difficult for me to find my way, to build new connections with other people. However, I know that this often has to do with the people participating, their experiences with social media, whether or not people are interested in strengthening existing connections rather than building connections with brand new people, etc. As you noted, this is just the orientation week, so I too and excited to see how things begin to unfold starting with unit 2…tomorrow.

    • Hi Bernard!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog! It’s funny, but, last year was my very first experience with “online courses”. My teaching partner was on leave and doing her Master’s. One of the classes she had was with Alec … and I lurked in a few of the sessions. I was SO inspired … and that is what got me onto Twitter … and blogging, with students and eventually for myself! I haven’t looked back!

      When I saw that Alec was offering the #etmooc I JUMPED at the chance to participate. Having no real preconceived notions about how this is supposed to “unfold”, I am over the moon just to be a part of it! There’s a huge learning curve for me and I know that there is just SO much to learn and discover that I have a pretty clear sense of participating from “where I’m at” … not becoming overwhelmed … but … pushing myself in the areas I want to explore.

      It’s probably a LOT different for me that it is for you, since you have so much previous experience! For me, I am thrilled to see many of the faces I’ve learned with and from through various communities on Twitter … and many NEW faces. SO much AWESOME learning!

      Good luck, Bernard … I look forward to learning with and from you during this #etmooc!

      Laurie 🙂

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