I am both a learner and a teacher.  This year will be my 30th in an amazing profession which has inspired me, pushed me and fulfilled me in ways I never thought possible.  The learning I have done in the several years has been more personalized and greater reaching than any other professional development I have had during my 30 years of teaching.  Don’t get me wrong … I have experienced some pretty AMAZING PD during these past three decades.  I owe my INCREDIBLE learning growth over the last few years to a number of inspiring SM experiences.  First … piloting a classroom blog, Global Grade Three: Connecting and Learning Beyond Classroom Walls, with my incredible Grade Threes has been an UNBELIEVABLE journey.  Second … discovering that twitter was NOT fluff and actually taking the time to sign up, lurk, explore, participate in chats and connect with other inspiring professionals around the globe … has pushed my learning beyond anything I ever thought possible.  I am SO grateful to the amazing people who have supported and enhanced my learning.  This blog is born as the result of many catalysts: missing the blogging journey with my students during summer vacation, a need to write and to reflect, and a desire to share my thoughts with a global audience.

*PS The “LERD” comes from my husband, who affectionately calls me a “learning nerd” … hence … LERD!

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  1. Mrs. Renton! I have no idea if you remember me, but you taught me grade 1 and 2 at Sir James Lougheed almost 20 years ago. (I’m 27 now). I thought I would look you up and tell you that you were one of the most inspirational teachers. There are a few select people who have stuck in my mind throughout life, and out of elementary, junior high, highschool, and university.. You are the only memorable teacher I’ve had. I’m glad to see you are still inspiring children!

    Meagan Bucar

    • Hi Meagan!

      Of COURSE I remember you! What an absolutely LOVELY surprise! I am SO glad that you reached out to me. You’ve totally made my day with your thoughtful message. It COMPLETELY made my day! I feel blessed to get to do the work I do each and EVERY day … 30 years later and I am STILL inspired by the kids I get to work with!

      It’s hard for me to believe that you are 27 … but … it’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been doing this for 30 years!

      Meagan, you’ve blessed me with your kindness! Thank you SO much for your thoughtfulness and for letting me know! You’ve truly made my day!

      Laurie 🙂

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