I am both a learner and a teacher.  This year will be my 30th in an amazing profession which has inspired me, pushed me and fulfilled me in ways I never thought possible.  The learning I have done in the several years has been more personalized and greater reaching than any other professional development I have had during my 30 years of teaching.  Don’t get me wrong … I have experienced some pretty AMAZING PD during these past three decades.  I owe my INCREDIBLE learning growth over the last few years to a number of inspiring SM experiences.  First … piloting a classroom blog, Global Grade Three: Connecting and Learning Beyond Classroom Walls, with my incredible Grade Threes has been an UNBELIEVABLE journey.  Second … discovering that twitter was NOT fluff and actually taking the time to sign up, lurk, explore, participate in chats and connect with other inspiring professionals around the globe … has pushed my learning beyond anything I ever thought possible.  I am SO grateful to the amazing people who have supported and enhanced my learning.  This blog is born as the result of many catalysts: missing the blogging journey with my students during summer vacation, a need to write and to reflect, and a desire to share my thoughts with a global audience.

*PS The “LERD” comes from my husband, who affectionately calls me a “learning nerd” … hence … LERD!

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