Spinning with POSSIBILITIES!

 Inspiration doesn't favor those who sit still

Flickr Creative Commons Photo Shared by Scott McLeod

One week in. Into WHAT, you ask? Why, #etmooc, of course! Officially, this amazing “connectivist” MOOC, (massive open online course), hasn’t even REALLY begun – it’s been an “orientation” week, of sorts. Gosh. Topic One doesn’t even begin until MONDAY! Man. If it HASN’T already begun … I can’t WAIT to see what the “official” topics and discussions unveil! ALREADY my head is SPINNING. It’s a GREAT spinning … but SPINNING nonetheless!

So far, I’ve had the opportunity to experience a Blackboard Collaborative “Welcome and General Orientation”, an #etmooc chat (#etmchat), and ALMOST an HOUR long session with the amazing Sue Waters while she shared her extensive knowledge on BLOGGING! I say “almost” because something came up at school and I didn’t quite make it to the session! RATS! As if THIS wasn’t already inspiring enough … the Google+ community has become a tsunami of sharing, collaboration and support. Everyday, through people’s inspiring posts, I bookmark SEVERAL more tools I want to explore. I don’t know if it’s POSSIBLE, but I WORRY that Google Chrome is going to tell me I have EXCEEDED the CLOUD for BOOKMARK storage!

Being a LERD, I am just SO excited by the possibilities. I ALSO love that SO many of the amazing people I learn with and from through my TWITTER PLN are involved in this #etmooc. It is, on MANY levels, like many of us experience when we first begin our twitter journeys. A LOT like drinking from a “fire hose”. Learning to “filter” and focus on where you are at and what you need at this moment in time is the only way to keep your head ABOVE water … and to NOT become overwhelmed or, worse, give up.

This weekend, I can’t WAIT to explore the first of MANY tools I have already been exposed to through the Google+ community. FIRST up on my list is to play with a tool that Dennis Richards used to share his #etmooc introduction: xtranormal Talk about inspiring AND entertaining!

Poster: Passion

Flickr Creative Commons Photo Shared by Krissy Venosdale

That, and INTENTIONALLY leaving comments on people’s blogs to more actively express my appreciation for the learning! I feel SO blessed that @Courosa, while on sabbatical, has offered SUCH an amazing learning opportunity to the world, along with his incredible “conspirators“! If you haven’t already joined this amazing journey … what are you WAITING for?